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Product Changelog

June 2022

Istio Plugin v1.12.2

We have validated our Istio plugin up to Istio version 1.14. This ensures customers, who are upgrading to the latest Istio version, are able to run Glasnostic.

May 2022

Single Sign On integration

We have integrated a new Single Sign On system, which will allow you to either sign in with your email or a social provider such as Google or Github.


If you have used a Glasnostic account during our beta test please re-create the account. This will ensure you are running on top of the new infrastructure.

Organizations for everyone

We have now enabled our organizational setup for all users. This will allow you to invite team members to join your organization and collaborate on the environments managed with Glasnostic.

Bonobo Release v1.12.1

  • Minor stability and bugfixes
  • Improved metrics reporting

Bonobo Release v1.12.0

  • Support Fargate on Amazon EKS clusters (alpha)
  • Traffic classification With this release traffic is correctly classified as Egress / Ingress / k8s-Probe
  • Deep Packet Inspection support You can now apply white-list policies using HTTP headers and utilize the JWT token policy
  • The sidecar is now based on Envoy v1.19, with plans to quickly update to latest Envoy versions in the coming weeks.

Install latest release via Helm or Installer