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Setting up a new network

A Network is a unique identifier to connect your Kubernetes cluster to the Glasnostic platform. We recommend that each Kubernets cluster with Glasnostic data plane is configured with it's own network ID. Data from all clusters is aggregated into the selected Environment and can be viewed in the console.

Creating a Network

To create this identifier, open up the Environment overview and click "Settings" next to the environment that you would like to connect to.

List of Environments 2

Create a new network for the environment by clicking + Add network.

Environment settings

This creates a new network and assigns a unqiue network ID. Copy the ID by clicking on the Copy Icon icon.

List of networks

You can set a name for this network, to help you identify it. Use the name of the cluster or application to indicate which network this is. Use the network ID when connecting a Kubernetes cluster to the Glasnostic platform.