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Quantity Graph

Next to the Service Map the Quantity Graph is the second central aspect of the Glasnostic Console. With this view you can understand the volume of interactions between a selected set of services. This will help you understand the level of importance from a selected service to service interaction within the overall application.

Quantity Graph for Online Boutique Demo

How to read the Quantity graph

The Quantity Graph is using a Sunburst diagram to display the interaction volume between services. If services have no active interaction the section will be grey. You can click on any of the segments to select it and start building a view definition.

View Modes

Using the navigation bar you are able to switch the Quantity Graph through the RCLB modes. Depending on the selected view mode you will see the quantity of Requests, Latency, Concurrency, and Bandwidth.

This allows you to identify if the application you are controlling has hot spots in any of the R, C, L, B.