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Automatic Micro-Segmentation

Automatic micro-segmentation

Glasnostic provides a micro-segmentation feature that automatically blocks unknown interactions. First, you define the set of known interactions by specifying a time frame. Glasnostic then collects all interactions during that time frame and compiles them into an automatic allowlist of known safe interactions.

Configuring automatic micro-segmentation consists of these steps:

  1. Click the Segmentation tab and click Edit.
  2. Enter the time frame that should be taken as the baseline from which to collect interactions and click Set. This generates the list of allowable interactions. If you want to allow additional interactions, enter them in the Manual Allowlist tab.
  3. Click Commit and then Push on the next page.

Glasnostic’s automatic micro-segmentation operates on logical service labels, not instances of services. As a result, new instances of services will be automatically allowed, whereas new logical services will not.

Setting automatic micro-segmentation Setting automatic micro-segmentation

Automatic micro-segmentation is now active, as is indicated by the LED in the Segmentation tab.


We set up automatic micro-segmentation to prevent unknown interactions from occurring. You can test whether it works by trying to talk to the Online Boutique application with a web browser. If you didn’t use the browser to talk to it during the time frame you chose as the baseline for the segmentation, the connection should now be denied and show up as a blue (denied) line in the service map.