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Demo Application

Deploy the Online Boutique application

Run this command to deploy the application:

kubectl apply -f

Once the installation has completed, you can view it in Glasnostic. Open the Console and navigate to the Online Boutique environment you created.


If you are trying to reinstall the application, it’s always best to remove any leftovers from a previous install by running kubectl delete ns glasnostic-online-boutique. See Uninstall, below.

Once the application has started up, the service map should look like this:

Glasnostic Console


The deployment creates an internet-facing load balancer by default. If you do not wish to create one or if your cluster setup does not support the creation of load balancers, please delete the frontend-external service in the glasnostic-online-boutique namespace. Alternatively, download the k8s yaml instructions and edit them to disable the creation of the load balancer before deploying the application.

See Troubleshooting below if you don’t see the environment or the application.

Application architecture

Online Boutique is a web-based e-commerce application that consists of 10 microservices, including a product catalog, cart, checkout, payment and shipping. You can browse items, add products to your cart, and purchase items at http://<HOST>/, where <HOST> is the hostname returned by this command:

kubectl -n glasnostic-online-boutique get service frontend-external | awk '{print $4}'

The application architecture is as follows:

Application architecture

The application has a web front end and nine microservices, four of which are shared services, plus a Redis cache to store shopping cart data. Our version also includes a load generator to drive requests.