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Installation with Helm


  • Kubernetes 1.16+
  • Helm 3.0+
  • Glasnostic account and environment

Please see the Helm installation for additional information on installing Helm.


This Helm chart will always install all required components for the Glasnostic Kubernetes service mesh. Ensure other service mesh components (e.g. Istio) are not configured to inject into the same namespaces as Glasnostic to avoid conflicts. If you are already utilizing Istio see Glasnostic for Istio, which works seamlessly with any existing Istio installation.

Glasnostic environment

To install Glasnostic for Kubernetes, you need a Glasnostic account and an environment with a network for your Kubernetes cluster.

  1. Create a free Glasnostic account via Signup.
  2. To create an environment and network, see Creating an Environment.

The ID field shows your network ID. Copy the network ID, you will provide it to the install script in the next step.

Installing Glasnostic Helm Repository

Add the Glasnostic repository to Helm:

helm repo add glasnostic

Installing the Chart

Search all the repositories available

helm search repo glasnostic -l

Install the helm chart. Provide the network ID from the Glasnostic Console via the --set flag. You can also provide all parameters via a custom values.yaml file. See the chart repository for all available parameters in values.yaml.

Make sure to create the namespace glasnostic-system befor installing the chart.

kubectl create namespace glasnostic-system

helm install glasnosticd glasnostic/glasnosticd \
-n glasnostic-system \
--set networkKey="myNetworkID"

helm status glasnosticd

Uninstalling the Chart

To uninstall/delete the glasnosticd deployment:

helm delete glasnosticd

Next steps

See the Deploying Glasnostic guide for more information how to install Glasnostic on an existing Kubernetes cluster.