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AWS Fargate Support

Glasnostic supports AWS Fargate for EKS clusters with it's data plane. This feature is currently in beta and we recommend through testing before using it. Please share you experience with us by reporting an issue.


Before using Glasnostic with AWS Fargate hosted Pods, you need to ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • Recent Amazon EKS cluster
  • At least one EC2 based node group (managed or self-managed) within this cluster. We currently do not support running the glasnosticd control plane daemon on Fargate.
  • All applications intended to be run on Fargate need to have a ContainerPort set.

Please see the general considerations published by AWS for EKS and Fargate in the AWS Fargate documentation for more information as well.

Getting started with Glasnostic on AWS Fargate for EKS

When you have your EKS Cluster up and running you should deploy Glasnostic. You can use the one-line installer or the Helm chart available. Ensure that you have successfully installed Glasnostic on your EKS cluster.

kubectl get pods -n glasnostic-system

This will show you if glasnosticd is running succesfully on the EC2 based worker nodes within your cluster. Depending on the size of this node group the number of pods will vary.

Next you can move ahead and start configuring AWS Fargate for EKS. You need to set up a Fargate profile and select one or more namespaces to be part of this profile. Turn on the automatic sidecar injection for each of these namespaces.

The Glasnostic sidecar will automatically detect if the Pod is running on AWS Fargate and adapt the configuration accordingly.